Buyer’s guide: Worktops

Silestone Lagoon

22 Jun Buyer’s guide: Worktops

Choosing a worktop for your new kitchen is can be a difficult decision. With a range of colours and materials available, getting it right can be the crowing glory of your kitchen. Whichever finish you prefer, read our picks below to find out the pros and cons of the most popular choices.


1. Wood

The natural choice for a rustic kitchen, wood is a great solution if you’re prepared to look after it properly.



  • Usually the cheapest option, offering better value than stone or composites
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and oiled finishes
  • Can be updated with the look of your kitchen with new colour stains



  • Requires maintenance with regular oiling, especially around the sink where water may ingress.
  • Can be stained if not properly protected





2. Laminate

Laminate has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, making this a great low cost choice with hundreds of colours to choose from.



  • Incredibly hard wearing and durable
  • Available in a range of colours
  • No maintenance and very easy to clean



  • There is a variation in laminate quality. Poorer options can occasionally peel or burn under a hot pan


3.  Granite

Natural and luxurious, granite is incredibly hard wearing and makes a fantastically stylish kitchen surface.



  • Durable and heat resistant
  • No maintenance required
  •  Natural colour and graining mean no two pieces are the same



  • Requires templating, which may add up to 10 days to the installation timeline whilst the stone is cut to the exact size
  • Very heavy




4. Quartz

Quartz is the man-made alterative to natural stone. The quartz is fortified with resin for added strength, heat resistance and durability, plus allows endless colour and shaping options.



  • Huge range of colour possibilities available. Like choosing paint from a colour chart, brands such as Silestone offer an amazing variety of finishes at varying price points
  • Uniform, contemporary finish
  • Hard wearing and easy to clean



  • As per granite, quartz requires templating, so this delay needs to be built in to your production timeline


Silestone Lagoon

Silestone Lagoon


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