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The Shaker design process: all you need to know16 Nov

It may seem like there's a mountain to climb if you're just starting off the planning of your new kitchen. Here at The Shaker Kitchen Co, however, we aim to make that process as smooth as possible. Here's everything you need to know...
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The Shaker Kitchen Table18 Oct

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the humble kitchen table is surely its lifeblood. More than any other piece of furniture, the kitchen table is surely the focal point for family life; a place to eat, to drink, to do homework and to catch up with friends and relatives.
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Stone worktops: All you need to know03 Oct

Shaker Kitchen Company - Customer Gallery Wraxall #7
For the crowning glory to your Shaker kitchen, look no further than a stone worktop for the ultimate in a strong, durable and beautiful addition to your kitchen. Here we explain the most popular types available in our showrooms.
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Buyer’s guide: Worktops22 Jun

Silestone Lagoon
Choosing a worktop for your new kitchen is can be a difficult decision. With a range of colours and materials available, getting it right can be the crowing glory of your kitchen. Whichever finish you prefer, read our picks below to find out the pros and cons of the most popular choices.
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Storage superhero14 Jun

  If you're space is more compact than considerable, or even if you would just like to go from unorganised to organised; a larder cabinet could be for you.
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Your dream kitchen: It’s all in the planning09 May

Shaker Kitchen Design

The right kitchen layout can make or break the success of a kitchen. Get it right, and the result is a feeling of seamlessness as you cook, prepare food or entertain. Everything at hand and exactly where you need it. The perfect use of space.   Taking...

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Buyer’s guide: Flooring04 May

Down Ampney 13

  The humble kitchen floor may seem like an afterthought when designing your kitchen, but with a proliferation of homes with kitchens and living areas combined, it’s an essential to get right and plan in advance. When choosing your cabinetry colours think carefully about the type of...

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Get a handle on it26 Apr

Shaker Kitchen handles

Or should we say a cup handle, given that it’s the traditional choice for a shaker style kitchen? But there’s no need to be tied to tradition with our modern takes on the classic style.   Our classic cup style handle comes in 5 different finishes to...

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From Mighty Oaks24 Apr


    If you’re looking for style and substance in a kitchen there’s nothing quite like oak. Unlike cheaper MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and softwood alternatives, oak kitchens are as beautiful as they are practical, and here’s why:   1. That real wood feel. There’s a lot to be...

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