Characteristics of our Shaker Cabinetry

Characteristics of our Shaker Kitchen Cabinetry


The Doors

The most identifiable feature of a Shaker-style kitchen is its simple panelled door fronts. Our cabinet doors sit within a frame rather than on top of it. This means they physically can’t ‘drop’, as they have nowhere to go. With mass-market, ‘flat-pack’ kitchens, the doors are generally mounted onto the front of the carcass using hinges that are screwed into the chipboard carcass itself. Over time, the weight of the door weakens this bond, and the door drops out of line.

Fine handmade affordable shaker doors


Our cabinet doors are made with solid oak frames, rails and stiles with an MDF centre panel. MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF is easy to work with, cost effective and can be painted or stained to look just like wood. The other benefit is that it is not as susceptible to movement as natural timber planks – meaning our doors hold their shape longer.


We use Oak due to its strength and durability. Oak is a material that will last for years and years without diminishing in strength. It can even resist most surface stains and scratches because it’s such a solid piece of wood, which is great for anyone who has kids or pets running around their home. One drawback of oak is that it is a little susceptible to environmental changes, and untreated Oak does have a tendency to warp and change shape due to atmospheric changes in heat, humidity or moisture. Our MDF door panels are incorporated to limit this movement.


Fine handmade affordable shaker door hinges


Our cabinets are designed to look freestanding. This means that the outer vertical stile frames run to the floor. Each of our cabinets are on four adjustable legs and the front stiles can be scribed or sanded down, for example if the floor is not perfectly level. Our doors are hinged using an exposed ‘butt hinge’ with the significant advantages inclduing their ability to sustain heavy weight and also the simple construction of a butt hinge ensures that it will function properly and smoothly for years. A butt-hinge also allows our cabinet doors to open a full 180 degrees when unobstructed.



drawers 2
Our drawer boxes are made of MDF with a solid oak front panel. The runners are mounted underneath the  drawer box for both aesthetics and stability. This keeps them hidden & allows the drawers to withstand a load of up to 30kg of weight – that’s almost two loaded holiday suitcases of weight! These runners are soft-close and the drawer can be removed if required by utilizing both clips simultaneously. The drawers can also be adjusted via the runners to move it up and down vertically to equalize the gaps in between if required. The runners have a lifetime guarantee.

Fine handmade affordable shaker drawers




Our carcasses are constructed from MDF which is primed and painted in the same colour as the frontage of the cabinet. Each of our cabinets (with a few exceptions) are manufactured to a depth of 650mm from the front frame to the rear of the ‘service void’. The service void is an area at the back of a cabinet designed to allow some tolerance if the room has any plumbing or pipework in behind the cabinetry, or if for instance the room walls are not 100% straight. The service void can be modified around pipework or even reduced in depth by up to a maximum of 50mm during the kitchen installation if required.
fine affordable handmade shaker kitchen doors

The height of our base cabinets is 880mm overall, bringing the overall height of 910mm if a standard 30mm thick worktop is incorporated. Our full height cabinets are a height of 2150mm (please note that this does not include the cornice) with our wall cabinets measuring in at a height of 780mm which allows for 460mm high area between the worktops and underside of the wall cabinets. For further dimensions of the plinth and frame sizes please see the technical specification diagram for our 600mm drawerline cabinet.



Cabinet Shelves

Our shelving system is also designed with aesthetics in mind. Many kitchen companies manufacture with standard small steel shelf pegs which require an array of holes drilled vertically down the sides of the cabinet internals. To avoid this, we use a tooth system with adjustable increments every 50mm to rest our shelves on. This makes our cabinet internals more aesthetic than many other kitchens and also adds to the stability of the cabinet by providing further internal framework.
fine affordable handmade shaker kitchens

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