‘French door’ fridge freezers: the cool choice

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24 Aug ‘French door’ fridge freezers: the cool choice

It’s probably the most used appliance in your household, but it’s still rare to start your kitchen planning with a fridge freezer. Until now.


This is not just a fridge freezer, this is the Smeg FQ55FX1 fridge freezer – all 539 litres of it, and it’s on display in our Fulham showroom now.


Also known as a ‘french door’ style upright fridge freezer, the multi doors on this appliance make it incredibly easy to see and store all your food and drinks. The two fridge doors give you all the space and accessibility of a standalone fridge, but at a much more convenient eye level. Plus with ‘ActiveBlue’ light technology, fresh fruit and vegetables are bathed in blue light to mimic the hues of sunlight, so your food stays fresher for longer. We’ll take their word for it!


The two huge drawers in the freezer section are frost free (as you would expect) and pull right out so that all your frozen food is in easy view.


Come and see this fridge freezer for yourself in Fulham, or speak to one of our designers to see how it could work in your space.


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