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24 Apr From Mighty Oaks



If you’re looking for style and substance in a kitchen there’s nothing quite like oak. Unlike cheaper MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and softwood alternatives, oak kitchens are as beautiful as they are practical, and here’s why:
1. That real wood feel. There’s a lot to be said for seeing and touching the swirling grains of wood in your kitchen. Reassuringly solid, yet soft to touch, you really can feel the quality of this beautiful wood.
Hard wearing. It’s no coincidence our association of ‘mighty’ to oak. As a cabinet material it is ideal – hard wearing and durable, it will stand up to even the heaviest of kitchen uses. What’s more, as oak is solid, it’s much more resistant to water as there’s no layers for water or other spillages to ingress.


2. Unique graining. Even our beautiful painted finishes are designed to show the oak grain to its full potential, which means that no two kitchens will be alike. We also paint every surface of the cabinet – not just the oak doors; so the inside, outside, front and backs of all our cabinets will all be the colour you choose.


3. Premium weight. Our doors and frames are constructed from 25mm thick Solid European Oak for the ultimate in luxury feel. This is complimented by our 18mm thick MDF cabinets, which are considerably more robust than most 15mm flat-pack alternatives.
Are you an oak kitchen convert? We’d love to hear what you think.

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