Goodbye hygge… hello Lagom?

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03 Apr Goodbye hygge… hello Lagom?

Just as we’re getting our heads around hygge, there’s a new scandi trend in town. Yes, you heard that right. No sooner have we learnt to pronounce hygge (‘hoo-ga’) and according to Vogue, it’s already time to step aside. Hygge was all about the feeling of cosiness – think curling up in front of an open fire reading a good book.


Everyone was doing it, and every lifestyle journalist was writing about it. But since the start of the year, the fashion glitterati have been heralding the dawn of Hygge’s baby brother – lagom (pronounced ‘lar-gom’). Instead of that soft warmth of Hygge, lagom is all about balance. It means not too much, not too little, and is much a philosophy of life as well the number of meatballs you would like for dinner.


As if to chart it’s rise to the masses, the word ‘lagom’ has been tweeted over 15,000 times since the start of the year and seen a sharp spike in google searches.   Even Ikea launched a Live LAGOM project to teach people ‘how to make sustainable living easier, more affordable and attractive’. They suggest things like switching to LED lights, using a thicker duvet rather than putting the heating on, and saving money by growing your own herbs. It doesn’t sound like rocket science to us.


But for our homes, it does seem a better long term philosophy than a few fleeting ‘hygge’ moments. Perhaps it’s just a trendy word for doing everything we’re doing already (Waitrose Bag for Life anyone?), but at least now there is a word for it. So here’s to Lagom.


Less is officially, more. For now…

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