Meet the expert: Guy Murray


26 Jun Meet the expert: Guy Murray

As our Head Surveyor, Guy is arguably the most important part of the process in making your dream kitchen a reality. With a degree in Architecture, and subsequent years in an architectural practice, there’s no detail or measurement that escapes his keen eye.


What are the stages in the Shaker design process?

We offer two services; the consultation and the survey. The consultation is the creative side, where we look at layouts, colours and functionality of the space available. Functionality is so critical in a kitchen where the space needs to work for different activities such as food preparation, dining and an entertaining – sometimes all at the same time. Our team are experts at asking the right questions to get to the heart of a client’s needs and achieve the perfect layout for them.


The survey element is much more practical.  We check all the measurements and ensure that a design will fit, and suit, the space available. There may be some areas where the dimensions of the room are different than the design team have anticipated – such as sloping ceilings or walls that aren’t straight to start with. If so, we liaise with the designer (and builders too sometimes!) and find solutions. Luckily there’s not much that we can’t work with, such is the beauty of a bespoke kitchen.



How critical is the survey?

Very. There is no point having a bespoke kitchen that doesn’t fit properly, or where problems arise after installation. Even in a seemingly straightforward space, small things can make a big difference. I often go through the design with the client on site to help them understand everything so that any niggles can be headed off at the pass.



What are your top tips for planning a new kitchen?

It’s always good to mark out your kitchen on the floor so you can get a feel for the flow and scale you’ve created. Never underestimate how annoying walking a long way to the fridge can be over years of use. I would also avoid bundling sinks and cookers too close together, as each needs space around it for maximum efficiency.



If you were designing your own kitchen, what would you include?

I’m a big fan of a dropped height breakfast bar as I find stools very uncomfortable! I would also probably choose lighter or pastel coloured cabinets, such as Coventry Blue and Smoke Grey, surrounding a darker coloured island for contrast. And drawers over cupboards for sure.



Get in touch with us today to start your kitchen design and let our experts help you find your perfect kitchen.

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