Our Design Process

Our Design process


Fine, handmade, affordable shaker kitchen design

Simple is beautiful


The Shakers first came to America from England in 1774 and Shaker communities were largely self-sufficient: in their attempt to separate themselves from the outside world and to create a heaven-on-earth, members grew their own food, constructed their own buildings, and manufactured their own tools and household furnishings. The guiding Shaker principles of honesty, utility, and simplicity found expression in various crafts, furniture and textiles.


They rarely made items with elaborate details or extra decoration, but only made things for their intended uses. The design of the pieces was understated, durable and practical. Shakers were the original ‘minimalists’.


We try to emulate these characteristics and values at The Shaker Kitchen Company. We try to be honest and transparent with our choices and pricing, simple but beautiful with our designs.


Our designers are experienced and trained to help you get the most out of your space without over-powering the room. We’re happy to try and create your design and work with and around you to make the process as straightforward as possible.







As a guide, our typical customer journey looks like this:


1. Either call, visit or email us to set up a design appointment or email your plans and ideas straight over to us with all of your contact details

2. Organise a detailed discussion with your allocated designer to explain your project, ideas and budget

3. We design and estimate a price for your kitchen – there is no charge for this service

4. If you want to make any amendments or have suggestions & questions please contact your designer directly – their contact details will be on your design

5. Pay a 50% deposit

6. If we are installing your kitchen we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your house and check the measurements

7. After the survey we provide you with a document to e-sign so that you can agree to the measurements and highlight any potential issues

8. Our production / design teams will check your plans and incorporate any changes that should be made as a result of the survey

9. We introduce you to our support team who handle any queries relating to your kitchen from here

9. We send you a final document to e-sign which enables us to start manufacturing your kitchen – please check this carefully as it contains our contract and the final plans of your room

10. We contact you two weeks before your kitchen is ready for delivery to collect the remaining outstanding balance

11. We book your delivery and/or installation

12. You sign your Certificate of Acceptance and get ready to be the envy of your friends and family


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