Small is beautiful


13 Sep Small is beautiful

Small kitchens don’t have to mean big problems. Read our handy guide to turn your compact corner into a grand design.


Great kitchen design is always important, but for a small space it is essential.  As is working with, not against, the features and elements that define your room, such as the shape of the room, natural light sources and period features. Here are our tips to make the most of your space…


1. Make storage count

In a small kitchen, every inch of space needs to be incorporated into the design, especially when there are room features like this old chimney breast to take into consideration. Instead of being an inconvenience, this chimney breast is the perfect frame for a stand out range oven, with additional shelf storage above. Bespoke units either side fill the space entirely, with room even for book shelves and wine racks underneath the breakfast bar.





2. Keep it simple

Use clean, consistent cabinetry lines and keep accessories such as pendant lights simple. In this kitchen, the wall colour and wall cabinets blend together with matching hues. The result is an unbroken vista and a feeling of space. Even the clear glass pendant cleverly blends in to stop any distraction making this space look light and airy.




3. Go bespoke

The beauty of Shaker kitchens is that they are totally bespoke to you. In a small kitchen, this one fact can make all the difference and create that wow factor like no other. Here, the extractor housing unit above the hob was designed to keep the consistent cabinet line on the left hand side; whilst the right hand side cabinets are a bespoke depth to suit the smaller wall area. The result is double the storage capacity in the same space as a galley kitchen.




Have you got a small space that you need help with? Contact us today to see what we can do.

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