Installation & Logistics


We would be delighted to install your new Handmade Shaker Kitchen. As part of installation, we also project manage your worktop installation and appliances delivery to ensure that everything happens seamlessly and efficiently. All installation pricing is shown clearly and separately on our estimates. Please discuss this with your designer for more information.


Our installation service is for a “dry kitchen fit” – you’ll need access to your own plumber and electrician to ensure that everything is connected smoothly after we’ve installed your cabinets and worktops. You must also ensure that your floor is fitted and level, all walls and plastering is completed and fully dry and that your “first fix” plumbing and electricity are located in the correct positions.


We can’t be held responsible if any of this isn’t ready and you might even incur a failed installation charge if you tell us everything is ready to install and we arrive on the day to find things not completed or if your room measurements have changed from the ones we agreed in writing when your kitchen was ordered.


We work really hard to get everyting right first time and if we have to call off an installation on the day because you didn’t tell us the room wasn’t ready it costs us a lot of money.


We just ask that you’re honest and keep us in the loop if you think there might be any potential delays, we’ll promise to try and do the same.


Delivery & Collection




We deliver nationwide and offer several delivery packages based on your location and the type of delivery service you need.

Our Bronze Service is the most cost effective option, this is a kerbside delivery. Silver Service is normally quoted when we are installing and includes delivery to a ground floor kitchen but packaging is not removed. Gold service will get your kitchen up to a second floor and Platinum Service is the same as Gold but we’ll also remove and dispose of any packaging of your new kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Please consider that we will require parking or parking vouchers, and also that it is the customer’s responsibility to check that your doorways are wide enough to get the kitchen cabinets inside – particularly four door larder cabinets and any corner cabinets. If your house has particularly small doorways this is important, most standard size doorways should be absolutely fine.




We will give you a provisional date that your cabinets will be ready for collection. This will usually be 10-14 weeks from order confirmation. To keep costs down, we ask customers to collect their cabinets within 3 days of the arrival date.


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