Your dream kitchen: It’s all in the planning

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09 May Your dream kitchen: It’s all in the planning

The right kitchen layout can make or break the success of a kitchen. Get it right, and the result is a feeling of seamlessness as you cook, prepare food or entertain. Everything at hand and exactly where you need it. The perfect use of space.


Taking into account that every home and every space is different, there is no one right way to start a design. Instead, look at the features of the room you have available and play to your strengths. Views from a certain window, the shape of the room or the height of the ceiling may all play their part in defining the broad areas of ‘preparing’, ‘cooking’ and ‘entertaining’.




When it comes to the placement of cabinets and appliances, think triangular. Keeping the distances short, and direct, between the sink, fridge and cooking area will mean that in the ‘preparing’ and ‘cooking’ areas the movement around the kitchen is much more efficient. Placing a dishwasher near the sink, and keeping the bin centralised will also minimise unnecessary walking time.


In open plan spaces, where a combined need for dining and family living tops the list of requirements, it is especially important to consider the function of each kitchen zone. Island units are the ideal divider between utility on one side and living on the other – incorporate bar stools and a wine fridge on the outward facing side for the perfect socialising space at night, or homework perch during the day. Or even consider fixed seating such as this kitchen  in Battersea for the ultimate kitchen/diner.




Form and function are not mutually exclusive either. Open storage such as bookshelves or wine racks look inviting and open. Or hidden storage systems such as pull-out larder cabinets keep the space clutter free whilst containing all your grocery staples in one place.


blue shaker kitchen


If you’re looking for more ideas come and talk to one of our expert designers to share your plans. Click here to find your nearest showroom.

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